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Have you ever wanted to bring awareness to a social cause and didn’t know how to go about it? We are here to help. We can help you bring about the change you want to see happen by broadcasting your own SOS.

SOS Worldwide

SOS Worldwide is an independent non-profit organization that increases the visibility of and public debate around human rights abuses worldwide through the use of innovative social media strategies by utilizing proven networks of analysts, technologists, journalists, advocates and lawyers to reduce the resource, time and financial constraints that would otherwise prevent their voices from being heard.

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SOS Venezuela

SOS Worldwide’s first project, SOS Venezuela has been a huge success. SOS Venezuela generates global awareness about the Venezuelan crisis and creates an activism platform. It has become a safe place for Venezuelans and the global community to voice their opinions through the sharing of photos, videos, media and op-ed pieces.

What We Stand For


At SOS Worldwide we create engaged communities and leverage their collective potential to bring about change. As we grow our campaigns to cover new issues and regions, fostering such communities will be vital to our success.


Awareness is a catalyst for action. Our primary goal as an organization is to inform and create awareness for specific causes where there was none before. We actively push our team to be aware of new sources, issues, methodologies, and technologies.


We are constantly searching for new ways to promote awareness and engagement. We are not afraid to experiment with a focus on impact. Innovation keeps us and our message relevant.


We support grassroots human rights campaigns that have a powerful message with a high potential for impact. We believe awareness is a catalyst for action and it is action that brings about change, and ultimately, justice.

Case Study

In February 2014 Venezuela erupted in turmoil. Students fed up with the country’s record number of homicides, crippling inflation, food shortages, and rampant corruption took to the streets in protest. The Venezuelan Government’s response was swift jailing opposition leaders, censoring media coverage, and beating protesters drawing rebukes from the international community.

On February 15th SOS Worldwide launched its first initiative, SOS Venezuela, to increase the visibility of and public debate around human rights abuses worldwide and assist in organizing a response. Over the following 3 months SOS Worldwide collected, analyzed, and applied insights from our data to expand our reach, influence, and impact.

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Using data collected from social media channels we worked to understand and more effectively engage our community. Specifically SOS Worldwide:

  • Scraped data from the web to map 350 demonstrations in 256 cities throughout the world
  • Analyzed billions of data points from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Analytics to optimize SOS Worldwide’s engagement strategy
  • Conducted statistically significant community surveys to further guide SOS Worldwide’s outreach and fundraising efforts


Based on these insights and SOS Worldwide’s intense dedication we succeeded in collaboratively building a network of over 220,000 individuals from over 100 countries.

In its first 12 weeks SOS Venezuela’s campaign had over 8.4 million engagements that generated over 100,000,000 impressions leading to greater awareness and political pressure to ensure protestors voices were heard and rights were protected.

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How Can We Help You?


Our team is ready to find your perfect business model and bring your project to scale.

Social Media

Our SOS team can help you establish, develop and expand your Social Media presence.


Trying to expand your brand? Make your name recognized? We can help you stand out from the rest.


Work with our team & design partner Datalogy Labs to construct data-driven narratives that shape our world.


At SOS Worldwide, our team of experts can advice you on launching your next successful marketing campaign.

About Us

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Cassandra Izaguirre | Co-Founder & Director of Operations

Currently working full time on SOS Worldwide, Cassandra spends her day looking for innovative ways to bring about change in the world. Mixing her international business and social incubator experience, she works to scale and expand SOS Worldwide. Her passion to her home country of Venezuela, in addition to the need to protect those who are vulnerable, motivates her to work on SOS and be informed of human right violations around the world.

When she is not SOS’ing you can find her eating at the nearest food truck

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Haydee Izaguirre | Co-Founder and Lead Strategist

Haydee Izaguirre is one of the founding members of SOS Worldwide and the creator of our SOS Venezuela Campaign. Haydee combines her passion for human rights with her experience in the development sector and creating social movements to conceptualize innovative campaigns that engage the public. Her goal is to help you broadcast your SOS!

Haydee has extensive experience developing and managing donor funded programs, carrying out international technical assessments and trainings with UN agencies, line ministries and other stakeholders on the implementation of technologies for development. Haydee’s research explores the intersection between technology and human rights, mainly focusing on how innovations could address some of the problems affecting marginalized communities.

When she is not SOS’ing you can find her in your local coffee shop reading and day dreaming about her next trip.

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Taylor Corbett | Lead Analyst

Taylor Corbett is a data anthropologist with experience in data analysis and data visualization. Over the past four years Taylor has led projects in partnership with UN agencies and governments in Africa and Asia to improve data utilization for disaster planning, polio eradication, policymaking and public engagement. He has worked with a broad range of organizations including UNICEF, UNFPA, BRAC, and the Grassroots Business Fund to improve data practices and disseminate findings. He graduated with honors, summa cum laude, from Occidental College with degrees in both Diplomacy and World Affairs and Economics.

When he is not SOS’ing you can find him at his local farmers market or in the kitchen cooking his favorite international dishes.

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Stacy Potthoff | Operations Manager

Currently working in digital media, Stacy works to build and optimize successful advertising campaigns for Yahoo. Having worked in a variety of locales and sectors including multinational corporations, grassroots organizations, and non-profits, Stacy brings a unique perspective to our work at SOS. As the cherry on top, her degrees in International Business and International Public Service have brought a detailed approach to the intricacies of working cross-culturally. Most of her work has centered on educating through technology focusing on engaging and building communities. She has managed and facilitated events, virtual and live, for the development community on a variety of subjects. Stacy’s work has included international training events, the hosting of a 13-week webinar series, multiple e-learning campaigns which have included content generation, consultation with subject matter experts, production, interface design and report generation. Stacy joined the SOS Venezuela campaign in its first week and instantly saw it was destined for great things!

When she is not SOS’ing you can find her doing puzzles and entertaining her Godchildren

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